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UV Coating

Finish your color piece with a beautiful clear coating. We have coating available in three different finishes: matte, satin and gloss. This coating is often used on post cards, menus, business cards, flyers, brochures and posters. It protects the printed piece from the elements and it makes the colors look more lustrous and vibrant. What's more is that our printed piece with coating is usually less expensive than printing on high gloss stock, and it looks even better because the coating is now over the ink. Gloss - for a high gloss shiny finish, satin - to add a very subtle sheen, matte - to completely remove any gloss or shine.


Although we can roll-score, we have always done impact-scoring for best results. This score provides easier folding and less cracking. Use our quality scoring capabilities for your next brochure, booklet, folder announcement, or fold-over card.


Your special perforating jobs can be done using a large perf. or micro-perfed. You can get perforating on text weight (letterhead) and on cover weight stocks.

Saddle stitching

Or Stapling
Finish your booklets or information sets with either a saddle stitch or flat stapling.


FoldingAccurate folding on a digital folder
Quick and accurate setups using the latest technology of digital folders allow us to be efficient and save you money on your next folding job. We highly recommend that most heavy text and all cover be impact scored before folding for good results.


Finish your tags or your booklet pages with drilling the holes of the size and position necessary according to your specifications.


CuttringDigital Cutter
Accurate and efficient describe our late model digital cutter. Good equipment combined with well-trained, experienced operators provide you with great quality at a reasonable price.


SlittingTo preserve the quality finish, some businesscards cannot be clamped or cut in stacks. These cards are slit one sheet at a time with virtually no pressure on the sheet. This procedure does not have to be specified when ordering, we will determine and use the best procedure to insure good quality for your job.


Standard or carbonless We can finish your note pads or form sets with padding. We will do your standard padding with chipboard (notepads), and we can glue your carbonless sets with fan-a-part glue.

Comb Binding

When your book is just too big for fold and stitch, or if you just need a different look, try binding it with plastic combs.

Corner Rounding

Business Cards, Booklets, ...
For those of your customers who need to have the functionality or just a different look, we can finish your job by rounding the corners.

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