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bi-fileNow, increase your filing density even further by placing your ThinLine units two or three deep and imagine the space you will conserve. The lateral mobility of Spacefile's Bi-Files and Tri-Files will do just that in a fraction of the space you would normally use…you are compressing the aisles out of the way!

A highly durable track and anti-tip system allows you to move your ThinLine units in combinations that provide quick, convenient and safe access. It is easy to convert a Bi-File into a Tri-File simply by adding another track assembly. In addition, the overall width of either system can be increased by adding more units…the system grows as your filing needs grow. Both the Bi-File and the Tri-File systems sit on top of any floor; no grouting is required. The track easily spans both even and uneven surfaces thanks to leveling domes. You can even move the entire system to a new location and leave a clear, clean area behind.

tri-fileIt's no wonder that Spacefile's systems are considered industry leaders in both flexibility and mobility.

The combinations are nearly limitless!

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