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With over 30 yerars of experience in the filing industry, Spacefile International Corporation has become one of the leading North American manufacturers of high-denisty filing systems.

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Free Standing Unit

In today's competitive marketplace, the effective use of office space is important, if not essential. ThinLine products put more files in the same space or the same files in less space. ThinLine's space saving design and modular technology will provide you with maximum filing and storage flexibility. End tab filing on ThinLine tiers can provide you with significantly more filing capacity, in a given space, than conventional filing cabinets. Gone are the days of those big, bulky cabinets that seemed to take up more room than they provided in storage. Instead, ThinLine makes efficient use of its 1/8th inch shelf profile to provide 7 shelves where competitors are still only providing 6 or fewer! That represents significantly more capacity in a design that is already more functional, more versatile and more records management oriented. More...

Bi-File and Tri-File

Now, increase your filing density even further by placing your ThinLine units two or three deep and imagine the space you will conserve. The lateral mobility of Spacefile's Bi-Files and Tri-Files will do just that in a fraction of the space you would normally use…you are compressing the aisles out of the way! More...


Need an easy to lock system? Spacefile's Uni-Lock offers all the convenience and flexibility of other ThinLine solutions while being able to lock all the doors with a single lock. The doors recede into the cabinet for easy access to the files. More...

Mini Storage Aisle

Need more files storage? Working with limited space? Then consider the Mini Storage Aisle (MSA). The MSA will allow you to use a narrow space to support high density filing by moving both single and double mobile units back and forth on carriages. More...

Mechanical Assist Mobile

Need even more files storage? The Mechanical Assist Mobile can handle your largest filing needs. As with Spacefile's other products, no construction is required to install this system…the Mechanical Assist Mobile sits right on the customer's finished floor and can be moved without damaging the floor. More...

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